Monthly Archives: March 2012

5th grade FUN!


Now that I am back in the USA, I am working with the Discovery Gateway Museum in Salt Lake City facilitating their 5th grade Chemistry program and it’s awesome!

 I travel to 5th grade classrooms all across the state showcasing science!

First, I am the star of an assembly full of fun, exciting experiments to teach them the basics of chemistry.

Then the kids get to design and perform their OWN experiments and decide whether a physical change or a chemical reaction occurred.

They LOVE the hands on labs and it’s great to see them so excited to try different chemical combinations to discover what happens!

At first the kids did NOT like to wear safety goggles. So I explained that when scientists get the indents in their face from wearing their goggles after a long day working on cool experiments in the lab, they consider it their badge of honor and are proud to showcase it. Now the kids are happy to wear them.  They even ask me when they take their goggles off if I can see their badge of honor!